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FIFDH appoints President of GENDRO, Dr Shirin Heidari as a member of its Foundation board


GENDRO is proud to announce that its founding President, Dr Shirin Heidari is appointed as a foundation board member of the prestigious Geneva International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights (FIFDH), alongside four other exceptional women, Ursula Meier, Stina Werenfels, Sanija Ameti, and Nadia Dresti. Yves Daccord will be the Chairperson of the Board. Read more..

Why Sex and Gender Matter

Sex, as a biological factor, and gender, as a social construct that influences norms, power relations, and expectations have a significant impact on all dimensions of human life.  As a result, gender and sex need to be taken into account in any scientific inquiry that aims to improve human life, rights and wellbeing, and any effort aspiring to reduce inequities in society.

GENDRO was born out of a shared concern that more must be done to ensure that any evidence that is produced to improve and advance our society, be it through academic research, policy analysis, or programmatic evaluation, must take into account the significant influence of gender and sex. Our vision is to work collaboratively with partners, identify gaps, strengthen capacity, generate evidence, and advocate for academic research and any forms of knowledge production to create more equitable solutions to the societal challenges of our time.


GENDRO's mission is to advance equity through the integration of sex and gender dimensions in research
across disciplines. 





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