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Civil Society Organizations - WHO DG Dialogue

Achieving a gender transformative COVID response

Outcome : Final Expectations from and of CSOs to WHO on Gender and COVID-19

Organized by GENDRO and Women in Global Health, this dialogue forms the first one in the series of CSO - WHO DG dialogues selected by CSOs to be organized on different topics of interest for the civil society related to COVID-19 response.


The call for proposals and the process for the review and selection of the themes for the CSO – WHO DG dialogue series was conducted by the small group of volunteer CSO representatives, based on that criteria that considered the relevancy of the issue for civil society, urgency of the matter in the context of COVID-19, validity to organize a meeting with the WHO DG, concreteness of the proposal and clarity in its follow up, as well as persuasiveness of its outline and format. Based on their review, the small group of CSO volunteers proposed the following three topics to start the series:

•             Achieving a gender transformative COVID response

•             Promoting the health and wellbeing of young people during the COVID-19 pandemic: Leveraging youth engagement in participatory governance

•             COVID-19 and social participation.

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