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FIFDH appoints President of GENDRO, Dr Shirin Heidari as a member of its Foundation board

GENDRO is proud to announce that its founding President, Dr Shirin Heidari is appointed as a foundation board member of the prestigious Geneva International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights (FIFDH), alongside four other exceptional women, Ursula Meier, Stina Werenfels, Sanija Ameti, and Nadia Dresti. Yves Daccord will be the Chairperson of the Board.

The FIFDH is one of the key annual events in Geneva, dedicated to cinema and human rights, where it attracts more than 40’000 attendees each year in nearly 80 locations in the Geneva area. In addition to featuring numerous important documentaries and films, it also offers a platform for debates highlighting ongoing atrocities and emerging human rights violations around the world.

“It is a true honour and a privilege to join the FIFDH foundation board alongside the outstanding board members and contribute to the growth of the organization. This is a critical moment to highlight the backlashes against women’s rights, the constant attacks on sexual and reproductive rights of women and people of diverse sexual orientation and gender identity, and to shed light on the erosions of human rights in conflicts and displacement.” Says Dr Shirin Heidari, GENDRO’s president and senior researcher at the Gender Centre, the Geneva Graduate Institute. “The FIFDH plays an instrumental role in putting a spotlight on the ongoing human rights violations, share the stories of the courageous human rights defenders, and help us mobilize to demand accountability. Where better to do that than in Geneva?”

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